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Situated within the Walker Lane Gold Belt, a terrain hosting numerous precious metal deposits with estimated production from volcanic-hosted epithermal gold and silver deposits along this belt exceeding 40 million ounces of gold and 540 million ounces of silver since 1859.


At least three different styles of gold mineralization are identified on the Palmetto property, placer gold, vein/free gold, and disseminated gold.

Sinificant work has been conducted on the poroperty since the early 1980’s where ML Gold Corp has secured the private data and is currently under the process of compiling all historic work to develop a modern 3D model of the property wide geology, strucutres and mineralization.

Historic drilling defines a gold vein system at least 750m long up to 0.5 - 15m wide with gold grades up to 3.061 ounces per ton. Singnificant intercepts within this vein system are listed below:

Hole # Interval Length Gold Silver Hole Type Company
  From (m) To (m) (m) (g/t) (g/t)    
RMR-4 120.4 207.3 86.9 30.4 148.3 RC Romarco Minerals
incl. 123.4 158.5 35.1 55.3 275.8    
RMR-14 138.7 243.8 105.1 3.5 14.2 RC Romarco Minerals
incl. 146.3 158.5 12.2 12.2 19    
RPC-90-907 122.3 155.4 33.1 20.5 63.3 Core Phelps Dodge
incl. 122.3 128 5.7 23 99.4    
incl. 137.2 144.8 7.6 68 157.6    
RPR-89-14 83.8 137.2 53.4 11.2 35 RC Phelps Dodge
incl. 83.8 112.8 29 18.2 51.1    
RPR-89-19 134.1 138.7 4.6 31.6 394.7 RC Phelps Dodge


Geophys_Nov25_2016_cropped.jpg  Palmetto_Discovery_Zone_cropped.jpg  Wireframes_Dec7_2016.jpg

  • Build 3D deposit model including drilling, geology, geophysics and geochemistry
  • Identify key structual and geological controlls on gold mineralization
  • Target new drilling in highly perspective areas including extentional / offsett zones
  • Test mineralized structures to depth, which are open and untested
  • Confirm select historic holes to aid in resource calculation
  • Target and expand bulk tonnage sediment hosted style mineralization


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